Weekly Support Groups





Virtual  Weekly Support Groups:

This is a monthly membership. It’s a way to support each other and share your struggles and successes with your healthy lifestyle, while receiving feedback from me (your coach) and others who are going through the same struggles.  Each week will have a discussion starter and they will be based on a healthy diet, activity, healthy mindset and self care.  It is not based on any one way to diet. You can be doing any healthy eating plan. Our philosophy will be based on low sugar, low fat and portion control and Our  “Power 13”  There will be several different days and times to choose from.  You will need to choose your support group time when you can attend each week and pay the fee for the month.  (No refunds are given if you miss a class).  You will then receive your month long zoom link.  These Groups will be no more than 25 per class so we can have everyone on one screen and be able to interact in a safe space.

Current Support Group Schedule (all MST)

Wednesday 930 am

Thursday 630PM

Saturday 730~900~1015 AM

Investment for the Monthly Sessions are:

Investment:  $35.00 per screen per month to be paid by last day of the month . If you begin in the middle of the month you will need to pay $10.00 for each week remaining. Example: 3 Tuesdays left in month the fee is 30.00.

What Does my Investment include? 

A Power of 13 ebook and Assessment.  A private FB group that has only AOYS members.  You will receive a summary of the Discussion we had at the end of the week.  Weekly Support groups.  We also encourage you to ask for a zoom link for another SG if you have to miss your SG.

How to Pay

To be included in the monthly support groups you will need to pay your fee by the last day  of each month and choose the group you will be joining.