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Support Groups:


“SG – The team / support approach Paris uses with AOYS Coaching is second to none!  The emphasis is on how we can become healthier.  Paris is honest and direct – but doesn’t try to “dictate” a specific plan or weight loss program.  More – these are tools for life.  She encourages you to think, to interact with others – and to share and learn on a variety of topics.  I cannot BEGIN to imagine the hours of research I’d have to do to discover all this information by myself.  To say nothing of how BORING that would be!  Each session is focused, timely and a not to miss part of my week!”

F Scott

My once a week meeting and daily support with AOYS and Paris is the best step I’ve taken for myself in a very long time. With the knowledge I take away with each meeting, post and guidance from Paris and my group members I am taking hold of my personal journey with my health and well being. Thank you!!

Pam M

Paris’ AOYS Wellness meetings are just what I needed in my life.  She provides a comfortable approach for the members to be themselves and share their thoughts and questions while providing valuable information every week.
She has a structured approach to cover a wide variety of topics related to health and fitness, and she makes the time spent very worthwhile.  Paris’ meetings are always something I look forward to, and she always exceeds my expectations!

Holly Rahbar

I’ve wrestled with weight loss most of my adult life w/ success in pockets but not sustained. This year I committed to Paris’ weekly small group for local, intimate support and accountability. It has been a game changer.
Paris’ open approach, breadth of knowledge and ability to match the problem w/ the right tool is helping me get from wanting it to DOING it. The tools for stress relief and healthy mindset are setting my brain up to support my body goals.
And the community of support is rich. With consistent groups we are getting to know each other and having deeper conversation. Paris knows how to maximize the “group as resource” too. She is truly leading us on a journey of realizing we can feel healthy right now, not just when we lose the weight. That’s the sustained change I have been looking for!
Keri S

1:1 Coaching

“One on one sessions with Paris at AOYS Coaching take everything that make the support groups helpful to a new, exceptional level.  Paris arrives focused and with intent.  You can feel free to ask and or strategize your specific problems or goals – and if you’re not sure what your goal should be Paris is great at asking the questions to lead you there.  Think a “Life Coach” with emphasis on healthy living.  You cannot begin to duplicate her knowledge and experience – and her ability to “read” people and see the underlying issues is worth ten times the fee.  Book a couple of sessions and discover all you can be!”
F Scott


“Having Paris as a life coach has changed my life!  She helps me dig deep and figure out the best ways that I can improve my current challenges and my overall health (Mental and Physical).  She is professional and compassionate and holds me accountable. I would not have survived the my 1st 2 years of a new career without Paris.  As soon as I start to stray from the path that I am trying to create, I call Paris and she helps guide me right back to where I want to be.  Thank you for helping me live my best life! You are a true treasure.

Lori S.