Calories: Are you using yours the best way? Summary   Not all Calories are created equal When we started AOYS I wanted to be able to support everyone no matter what healthy eating plan they were doing. I have members who are using WW, Lose it, Noom, Keto  and just healthy eating with good portion

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A healthy lifestyle created around your strengths Summary   Our Mantra this week is: I face my challenges with my strengths.   This week we are going to focus on your Strengths.   Our Book of the month was Discover your Clifton Strengths.  I took this test a few years ago for leadership with Doterra.  It

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Our Weekly Mantra “I deserve to feel healthy and strong” Inflammation it’s part of life but chronic inflammation can be an issue and you can do things to help. I wanted to talk about inflammation for several reasons, one thing I think most people don’t understand what inflammation is. Have you ever had a meal

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Our Weekly Mantra: ”My Body is Healing My Mind is Opening My Heart is Expanding”   Tiny Habits= GAMECHANGER 1st I want to give you the links to get this book and summary if you have not yet read the book!   Tiny Habits: This book has been a game changer and I

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  Our weekly Mantra: ”My strong why is my motivation”  Finding your WHY with 5 questions:  Why do I want to get healthy? What does healthy look like to me? What will losing weight help me accomplish? I want this change because? I will not give up because? Goals I want to accomplish?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________    

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Our weekly support groups always start with a moment of breathing and meditation to get focused and centered and it helps us all be more present and focused. We also always have a weekly Mantra: “I will fuel my body with healthy and satisfying foods.” Once a month we have a nutrition based topic.  We

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