Our Mantra this week is: Today I will love Myself Enough to Exercise Benefits of 30 minutes of daily activity and why this is so high on the list!  9 Benefits of 30 mins of Exercise Per Day Heart health. Weight loss. Reduce stress. Mood booster. Energy burst. Improve memory. Increase productivity. Boost Self Esteem. […]

  #1 Cut your Portions in half on everything but vegetables.    I PROMISE YOU THAT SUMMER WITH AOYS WILL Bring you excellent content and you will walk away with tools to create the healthy lifestyle you are looking for.   Our Mantra this week is:  Eat to Live, Don’t live to eat.       Our eating

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Habit Stacking: Creating new habits on top of old weekly summary   Our Weekly Mantra is: I am creating new habits and behaviors based on self love and self care.  Habit Stacking:  When it comes to building new habits, you can use the connectedness of behavior to your advantage. One of the best ways to

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Calories: Are you using yours the best way? Summary   Not all Calories are created equal When we started AOYS I wanted to be able to support everyone no matter what healthy eating plan they were doing. I have members who are using WW, Lose it, Noom, Keto  and just healthy eating with good portion

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A healthy lifestyle created around your strengths Summary   Our Mantra this week is: I face my challenges with my strengths.   This week we are going to focus on your Strengths.   Our Book of the month was Discover your Clifton Strengths.  I took this test a few years ago for leadership with Doterra.  It

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Our Weekly Mantra “I deserve to feel healthy and strong” Inflammation it’s part of life but chronic inflammation can be an issue and you can do things to help. I wanted to talk about inflammation for several reasons, one thing I think most people don’t understand what inflammation is. Have you ever had a meal

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Our Weekly Mantra: ”My Body is Healing My Mind is Opening My Heart is Expanding”   Tiny Habits= GAMECHANGER 1st I want to give you the links to get this book and summary if you have not yet read the book! https://amzn.to/2NkhppP https://amzn.to/2OyZigv   Tiny Habits: This book has been a game changer and I

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