Meet AOYS’s Support Staff

Have you met my Amazing Support staff?

I met both Marlene and Sally in WW works shops and when I left I wanted them both to stay with me but you never know where people are in their story.  They both encouraged me to JUMP and said all the right things.  When I asked if they were interested they were ALL IN.  I knew from working with them both they only cared about YOU!  The participants the people who would be in our support groups.Now let me let them tell their stories .



Before 👇🏻

After 👇🏻 WHAT?????

“I moved to beautiful Colorado in 1980, so I consider myself a “native transplant!” I have always been in Graphic Design/Customer service and it is simply my nature to pay close attention to every detail in all areas of work and play. I started my own graphic design business in 1990 so that I could raise my two beautiful daughters. They are now grown, married and I have two wonderful granddaughters. When I finally lost over 80lbs I decided to go to work for WW and believe that because of my background in customer service, I fit right in to helping people with their own journey. Paris has always been my favorite coach, so when I was hired by WW is when I started working side by side. With her years of constant training and becoming a life coach she has helped so many of us reach our goals. So, now I am proud and so very happy that I was able to transition into a slightly different role and continue to work side by side.”


Before 👇🏻

After 👇🏻 Wow!

I retired to Colorado in July 2017 after working as a Speech and Language Pathologist for the Department of Defense in Germany where I lived for 15 years.  I worked assessing and counseling students with special needs and assisting their parents and teachers with the many challenges they all faced.  The skills developed during this time enhanced my ability to understand and empathize with the difficulties we all face along our journey.   I moved to Colorado to be with my son and my adorable granddaughter.  I had been living abroad and knew that it was time to move back to the states in order to be a part of my granddaughter’s life.   In 2016 I had to stop most of my activities due to pain in my hip.  I was not able to have hip replacement surgery for 6 months and in that time gained more than 40 pounds.  When I moved to Denver, I made a commitment to myself to lose the weight I had gained, to be healthy, and live an active lifestyle during the next chapter.  After being in Colorado for six months and not being very successful with my weight loss, a friend suggested that I try WW.  I joined and in about a year I had lost 50+ pounds and felt so healthy and happy.  I was hired by WW in May 2019 and was very fortunate to meet and work with Paris.  She brought life and passion to each workshop and was such an amazing mentor.   I feel privileged to be able to support Paris and I look forward to continuing this journey with her and with all the wonderful people that join us in AOYS (Always On Your Side).


I am honored to have both of these amazing women with me as we support and help you all discover your healthy lifestyle.

We are all here to help,

Paris, Sally and Marlene

Always On Your Side Coaching