AOYS Power of 13 #12 LIMIT WHITES: Sugar, Sodium, Flour, Pasta and Rice

AOYS Power of 13

#12 LIMIT WHITES: Sugar, Sodium, Flour, Pasta and Rice

What Is White Food?

White food generally refers to foods that are white in color and that have been processed and refined, like flour, rice, pasta, bread, crackers, cereal, and simple sugars like table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.

Natural, unprocessed white foods, such as onions, cauliflower, turnips, white beans, and white potatoes don’t fall into the same category. (Of course, health goes out the window when you deep-fry these or any other vegetables, or slather them with butter, sour cream, or cheese.)

Why are they bad choices? 

Foods rich in white starches are refined and have the highest glycemic index. The short-term effect of these types of foods is that they make you retain weight and pounds, especially around the midsection. Over the long-term, they can cause an insulin deficiency that leads to diabetes.

The main problem with white rice, bread, pasta and potatoes is that they trigger a cycle of food craving. After you eat them, they release a sudden spike of sugar in your bloodstream. Your body responds to that extra sugar by releasing insulin which causes your body to want more and overeat. 

Limiting White foods and replacing 

Replacing White food is not always easy.  Most of us have had experiences with bad whole grain pasta, brown rice, artificial sweeteners etc. 

In our Support groups

 We talked about the limits we should stay with in on Sugar and Sodium.  We shared what our favorite substitutes were for pastas, rice, white flour and breads.

We shared cooking tips and best ways to change to healthier options.



If you are not a member of our support groups:

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