AOYS Power of 13 #4 Track your food and your feelings


I release all limiting beliefs that are holding me back.

Week #4 of the AOYS Power of 13

Track your food and your feelings 

The Limiting Beliefs of Journaling.  

Like Meditation many people have this belief that there is a RIGHT way to Journal.  

The Physical action of Journaling

*APP on your phone

*Secret file on your computer

*Physically writing

*It can be words, sentences, doodles, 5 words or 10 paragraphs. 

The Benefits of Tracking Your feelings

Understanding your moods helps you manage them and feel better faster. If you are more aware of your moods, you may be able to better manage your lifestyle choices, make informed health decisions, prevent or avoid triggers of negative moods, and work towards a better quality of life.

1 | Create space to feel your feelings.

2 | Get insight into what you need to best take care of yourself.

3 | Recognize patterns and triggers.

4 | Communicate clearly to others.

5 | Get the support you need.

Benefits of Tracking your food 

Tracking your food intake will give you insight into many aspects of your eating habits. The more specific and accurate you are with reporting, the more accurate your information will be. … Each food group provides us with nutrients crucial for maintaining health, so choose nutrient dense foods from all five food groups

If you struggle with tracking what you are eating  you need to have a honest conversation with yourself.  You need to recognize avoiding it won’t assist you in success. So stop working so hard to make excuses and reasons and put that energy into tracking. 

Food is no different, again it can be on an app, on the computer, or on paper. Whatever works for you. But Food journaling does require diligence if you want to be honest and get feedback that is truthful. 

Weighing and measuring 

Truth in calories/points/macronutrients. 

Truthful tracking no matter what it says it is just information. 

What do you struggle with and how can you make tracking easier for you personally? 

How are you going to incorporate #4 track your feelings and food into your week this week? 

What actionable commitment will you be doing? 

Next week: #5 Double your Vegetable Portions 


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Coach Paris 💜

Sally and Marlene 

I do not guarantee any weight loss or change in any medical conditions.  What I promise is to offer you support, guide you to make smart healthy choices and give you a safe place to learn, share and do the work. 



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