#3 AOYS Power of 13 Sleep 8 Hours a night (non-negotiable)



Our Mantra this week is

I am releasing the day and letting my body heal and rejuvenate 



 AOYS Power of 13

#3 Non Negotiable: 8 Hours of sleep every night


In 2016 sleep became my passion Ok not sleep per say but helping others learn to sleep well and through the night.  

Americans are lacking sleep….pure and simple we are not sleeping long enough or well enough.

I ask people all the time how they are and the number one answer is “tired”.  The biggest problem is that people don’t take it seriously. I am just not sleeping, no big deal.  It is a huge deal especially over time.  So what are the dangers?  Long term dangers: Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity and depression are among the chronic diseases that come from lack of sleep.  Not scary enough?  Here is a stat from the CDC on Drowsy Driving.

The Impact of Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving poses a serious risk not only for one’s own health and safety, but also for the other people on the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates  that between 2005 and 2009 drowsy driving was responsible for an annual average of:

83,000 crashes

37,000 injury crashes

886 fatal crashes (846 fatalities in 2014)

These estimates are conservative, though, and up to 6,000 fatal crashes each year may be caused by drowsy drivers.2-4

Reference CDC.

This should scare us to death.  

We should find a way to get more sleep. Let’s take it more seriously.  1st Step: learning how much sleep we need to get and plan to get it.

Recommended Amount of Sleep

Newborns 16–18 hours a day

Preschool-aged children 11–12 hours a day

School-aged children At least 10 hours a day

Teens 9–10 hours a day

Adults (including the elderly) 7–8 hours a day

Reference CDC

The Questions you need to ask yourself:


How many hours a night do you sleep?

Do you have trouble falling asleep? 

Do you wake up in the night and struggle to go to sleep? 

What gets in the way of your sleep? 

Are you willing to make changes to get 8 hours of sleep? 

We need to create a sleep routine that works with you and your life.


THERE are 3 things you have to STOP doing now: 

(I understand these are hard but very necessary and you will not regret it)

*Stop watching the news ( at the very least the 10:00 but all would be great)

*Stop all fluid at 6PM (if you are getting up more than once a night to pee, if not water is OK but all beverages stop at 6 Especially caffeine)

*NO More technology on your bedroom (anything with a light is no longer welcome)

Ideas for bedtime routine :

*Have a set bedtime. Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time everyday. REVISED:  the same amount of sleep every night is OK so you can say i need to get 8 hours and I need to be up by so when do I need to go to bed. 

*Listen to quiet, calming music.

*Make sure the room is dark, quiet and not too warm or cold

*Read, take a warm bath or shower, mediate.

*Use your oils:  more info:  https://livingnaturallyessentially.com/how-do-i-get-started-with-doterra/


If you wake up in the night:

*Do not turn on lights ( have a soft night light in your walkway to restroom)

*Do not look at clock ( cover before bed with a wash cloth or towel)

*If thoughts begin to creep in say “no” and lay back down with a few cleansing breaths



What is causing you to feel like there is no way you can do this? Challenge those reasons with truth talk.  Good Restful sleep is possible if you do NOT accept poor sleep habits. 

What are your takeaways?  Do you understand that sleep is not something you can just say this is just the way it is? 


What are you willing to try as an actionable commitment this week? 



Next week: #4 of the AOYS Power of 13 

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I do not guarantee any weight loss or change in any medical conditions.  What I promise is to offer you support, guide you to make smart healthy choices and give you a safe place to learn, share and do the work. 







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