#2 AOYS Power of 13 Move your Body 30 minutes a day everyday

Our Mantra this week is:

Today I will love Myself Enough to Exercise

Benefits of 30 minutes of daily activity and why this is so high on the list! 

9 Benefits of 30 mins of Exercise Per Day

  • Heart health.
  • Weight loss.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Mood booster.
  • Energy burst.
  • Improve memory.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Boost Self Esteem.


Moving is so important but if you need another reason the more you move the less you hurt should be the reason we are all moving.  Yes activity and exercise make us sore but Earning your hurt feels so much better than hurting due to inactivity.

EXERCISE is one of my least favorite words

I think the word  “exercise” causes people to feel bad.

  It’s never enough.  No matter how much we do it’s not enough.  That is why the Power of 13 never uses that word.  We use MOVE!  Move your body!


Do you feel like you get enough activity?

If no, What are your biggest reasons for not moving more or getting enough activity?

How could you make getting more activity easier for you?

The number one thing we know is to be successful with a exercise plan you need to find something you really enjoy.

Find that activity that you really want to do.

I love Body Groove it makes me feel healthy and strong and no I was not good at it when I started and probably am not great now but it is soooo fun!  Oh and No one can see you in your living room! It is inspiring and great for you and your self esteem.  Walking feel like exercise?  Reframe it:  Go chase sunsets or discover flowers.

Let’s visit ADL’s Activities of daily living.

Sometimes we don’t give ourselves credit for the activity we get in every day.  All activities you do that are not sitting on the couch are considered ADL’s.  Laundry, gardening, cleaning, etc.

Yes these count as your 30 minutes.  Take a look at your day at the end and reflect on how much movement you got in ( how much did you move?) Were there places you could have added movement? Reflect and learn and adjust as needed.  Just keep adding in and you will see and feel results.

Next week in AOYS Support Groups: 

#3: A non negotiable:  Sleep 8 hours per night. 

Let’s create a bedtime routine that works for you.  Find out what is getting in the way of you for 8 hours and work from there. 

Not a member of our Support Groups?  Learn more here.  We have a few spots open!



Coach Paris 💜

Sally and Marlene 

I do not guarantee any weight loss or change in any medical conditions.  What I promise is to offer you support, guide you to make smart healthy choices and give you a safe place to learn, share and do the work. 




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