Our Mantra this week is:  I am releasing the day and letting my body heal and rejuvenate       AOYS Power of 13 #3 Non Negotiable: 8 Hours of sleep every night   In 2016 sleep became my passion Ok not sleep per say but helping others learn to sleep well and through

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Our Mantra this week is: Today I will love Myself Enough to Exercise Benefits of 30 minutes of daily activity and why this is so high on the list!  9 Benefits of 30 mins of Exercise Per Day Heart health. Weight loss. Reduce stress. Mood booster. Energy burst. Improve memory. Increase productivity. Boost Self Esteem.

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  #1 Cut your Portions in half on everything but vegetables.    I PROMISE YOU THAT SUMMER WITH AOYS WILL Bring you excellent content and you will walk away with tools to create the healthy lifestyle you are looking for.   Our Mantra this week is:  Eat to Live, Don’t live to eat.       Our eating

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