A strong WHY is the Key to success Summary


Our weekly Mantra:

”My strong why is my motivation” 

Finding your WHY with 5 questions: 

Why do I want to get healthy?

What does healthy look like to me?

What will losing weight help me accomplish?

I want this change because?

I will not give up because?

Goals I want to accomplish?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



It is important to start thinking about what deeper motives are behind what you are doing.  In order to be successful and achieve your goals, you need to know “WHY”  you want what you want.  Not only that but you have to have a Big ENOUGH reason.  If you are not motivated or have not followed through in the past, it may be because you need to dream BIGGER!  You do not want your goals to be something you’d “like ” to do it’s not a preference….it’s not even a dream…. It’s a must.  


To dig deeper ask: 

Why does this matter to me?


How would it make me feel?

What will happen if I don’t have, do or be this?

Why does that matter? WHY?


What you don’t want list?  

Think, write and visualize about all the things you don’t want.

 You will need to put in the work this week to do everything we spoke of.  It is an actionable commitment to find your CLEAR, Buttoned Down WHY?  A clear vision of what it looks like.  

I suggest you visit this technique often.  Our why is constantly changing and we need it keep it strong. 


Coming next week to our support groups:

Tiny Habits: Come with ONE  thing that you know if you were consistent with it you would be successful in creating your healthy lifestyle.  One thing you have tried over and over and it just does not stick.  Check your email for the Swarm your Behaviors work sheet print it and write your ONE aspiration or outcome. Bring your sheet with you to your support group and we will work through it together! 


See you there!

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See you Next week,

Coach Paris

Sally and Marlene








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