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Our Mantra this week was:

“I am releasing anything that no longer serves my highest good”



As many of you know we started our year with 12 months to a healthy lifestyle.  This may be what you need to revisit, while some of you may just need to revisit those resolutions you set in January.  Let’s look at the goals you set for the beginning of 2021.  Do you remember what your good intentions, your goals , your outcomes, were? 


How did you do?  Did some come easier  and others.  Are some still a work in progress ?  When you look back at them what made some easy and some more difficult?  



Now lets take the time to reset.  When we started we all about 12 new healthy habits by December.  But what we may have learned in the last 3 months is we may need to did a little deeper on some of them.  Find an “easier way” of doing them.  So lets decide  what our April goal, intention, outcome is and then today you sit down, write down the 4 weeks and define what you will do to reach them. 


By the end of April I will be walking 30 minutes a day:

April 4th-10th: I will walk 10 minutes each day at 8am

April 11th-17th:  Each day: I will walk 10 minutes at 8 am and 5 minutes at lunch

April 18th -24th Each day I will walk 10 minutes at 8 am and 10 minutes at lunch

April 25th-May 1st Each day I will walk 10 minutes at 8 am and 10 minutes at lunch and 10  minutes after dinner


Notice the I WILL?  Notice how small each one is and how it comes together at the end?

We want to do thins so quickly to move to the next “thing”, bit doing it that way they often do not “Stick”

Maybe if we look at it differently the more ‘small’ things we accomplish the more things we get to ✅ off the list.

So let’s start breaking down what we want to do to make then more “doable”.


AOYS Support Groups are digging deep in April.  We are starting with ‘WHY” finding our why is important but it is one of the hardest things we do.  So I created  5 questions to help people lighten up and listen to their gut. Next we will be learning the basics of Tiny Habits, then why causes inflammation and what to eat and what to stay away from.  AND so much more!

We would love to have you join our groups we have room for you!

Weekly Support Groups


We are here to support you where you are.

Coach Paris

Marlene and Sally



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