Recipes and Food Finds Summary!

Food Finds week!

Mantra:  I am receiving abundantly and sharing generously.

One of the things I wanted AOYS Support Groups to be was sharing and caring! Another favorite about virtual is everyone could run to their kitchens to bring their food finds!

We had a great time sharing our favorites and I will list as many as I can here.

Condiments and Salad Dressings

Skinny girl Salad Dressings

Walden Farms dressing

Safe way Organics salad dressing 

Lemon Olive Oil,

Signature Select salad dressing

Greek Feta

Target Good Eats 

 Sesame Teriyaki sauce

G Hughes  SF BBQ  sauces

Mango Salsa Sting a linga KS 

Fisher Wiser Roasted Raspberry Chipotle sauce KS

Bolt House Dressings

True Made Veggie Ketchup (sprouts/whole foods)

Kinder zero sugar BBQ Sauce (Costco)

Trader Joe Specific

TJ garlic olive oil

Sparkling Waters

Almond Butter

 TJ frozen riced cauliflower stir fry

TJ frozen toasted ravioli dip in marinara

Everything Bagel and  21 gun Salute Spices

TJ mango salsa 

TJ Fresh Pickles

peanut vinaigrette

frozen mashed potatoes

Chicken wontons from TJ good for soup

breaded chicken tenderloin breasts for air fryer

just chicken

Meal helpers

 Oreda Egg Cups (fridge-add egg (a bit of oil makes fluffy)

Bumble Bee tuna packs,

Rosarita fat free refried beans

Kroger 60 second Fusilli Pasta

Seeds of Change organic Quinoa & Brown Rice

KS Turkey Burgers seasoned

Young Guns Green Chili  at KS 

Bavarian Rolls
Kitty-Kroeger Street Tacos (already portioned)  chicken with green chile, carnitas (frozen)

Boars Head sliced lunch meat

-Kroeger Fat Free Refried beans, ground turkey, hard taco shells

Kroeger Turkey Pastrami sliced

Dairy and replacements

Nut pods creamer (no sugar) Kings also amazon

Sargento Light String cheese and thin slices 

Carb Master Milk

Greek Yogurt


American Nut Butter

Costco big pans of chicken


 Quest bars (20g protein)

Fiber One brownies

Prepackaged nuts, 

 Target Freeze-Dried Strawberry and other fruits 

 Hint water

Tazo tea glazed lemon loaf and vanilla bean

Red Rose Tea dessert teas

Crook & Marker w/alcohol 80 calories 

Pretzel crisps

34 degrees crisps

Kodiak Bear Bites  Graham Snacks

Peanut Butter Crunch Kashi Go

PoP Corners Spicy Queso

Honey Mustard Pretzel Crisps

 Outshine Watermelon and Coffee bar (simply indulgent) by ice cream bars in KS

Enlightened bars/buckets have variety of flavors with a great texture (ice cream area)

KS TruFru chocolate covered Raspberry in freezer section

Cooking help

Ritz coating crumbs

 Savory Spice vegetable broth

Pork rinds crumbs

Coconut sugar

Savory Spice: 


onion and garlic table side sprinkle 

Capital Hill Seasoning

and Washington Park seasoning 

Monk Fruit Sugar


Sprouts Good Foods Avocado mash,

Sprouts Rainbow Micro greens


Baking Powder makes crispy (add to whatever you are coating your chicken in)

Golden beets, brussels sprouts, parsnips, red onions (roasted)

Everything Bagel seasoning good on sweet potatoes French Fries

MISC Items

Dry body brush (hand held) Target $5.99

Delish Air Fryer Cook Book

The Complete Mediterranean cookbook

Essential oils for mood and sleep

, B Greens Super Foods (Amazon)

Ultima which helps with electrolyte, (Amazon) Lemonade/Raspberry no calories

Cirkul water bottle get filters where you can get flavors with it, ordered online


See I told you it was a blast!!!!! 

I hope you all found at least one thing you must add t your shopping list! 

Next WEEK:  All About Sugar! 

See you all soon,

Coach Paris

Marlene and Sally










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