Timesaving Ideas to Find More Me Time Summary

Our Weekly Mantra was “I am using my time wisely”


This week was all about saving time!  Have you ever wondered where the day goes? Have you ever sat down with a piece of paper and written down everything you do and how long it will take to see if you have any free time or maybe where you could save time?  

As I have gotten older I find everything takes me LONGER,  then I think it is going to. 

I remember a member telling me years ago her #1 time saver was wearing her exercise clothes to bed and her shoes were there when she woke up to go for a walk or a run. 

Let’s start with Kitchen or food shortcuts 

Making a shopping list/ menu

On line shopping (Kings, Sams, Target, Walmart)

Shopping delivery

Prep Proteins

Prep fruits and Vegetables

Make coffee every night

Batch cooking for the month

Cook and share with other family members

My Blog: Click here for more shortcuts:




Workout clothes ready for morning or layer

Workouts at home

Steps while listening to calls

Listen to podcasts or books while working around house.

Life shortcuts?

Putting out your clothes and jewels for tomorrow

ALEXA or Google for shopping lists or chores

Make appointments before leaving appointment (Hair, Groomers, Dr, Dentist )

Habit stacking

Clickup.com (have free and paid versions) and have personal folders and work folders everything is there for business and personal

Google Shared Calendar

Set timer on Washing machine

Organize laundry according to drawers

Have on each floor:

Cleaning Supplies


Tool kit

Scissors and tape


Coming next week:

Recipe and Product share! SHOW AND TELL!  Send me your favorites healthy recipes (EMAIL FORM NOT WORD PLEASE) and bring your favorite food finds to show us!


Our Support Groups have a personal FB Page for members ONLY but we have now created a PUBLIC Page we would love to have you join.  INSTAGRAM coming SOON!  Click here!!! This week we are sharing our “POWER 13”


Progress Not Perfection

Coach Paris

Sally and Marlene

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