AOYS Group Support Summary: Creating a Rewards List


This week was all about setting our March Intentions and also creating a Celebration and rewards list to use when we are successful in these intentions.

We began our year with 12 months to a healthy lifestyle and we came up with 12 goals one for each month that we would focus on.

Remember with Setting Monthly intentions:

1st we decide what we want (Specific) 

Believe you CAN achieve it (realistic)

Plan for success (Break the weeks into small goals)

Stay motivated. (recognize your success each week)

Rewards Celebrations list

I know over the years I have had people make lists for weight loss milestones. But this week, along with those, we worked on sharing things we can put on our list when making behavior changes and accomplishing small goals.  

Things that cost money but also things that are free.  

Reward/ Celebration ideas 

Buy stickers and use them to encourage and show success

Books, Apps, Podcasts

Clothes (that fit)

Jammies, slippers, socks

Skin care, Bubble baths, Nail Polish or Color street

Pedicures, massage, manicures

Essential Oils and Diffusers (hit me up)

A dinner out

Gift Cards

Put money in and envelope to use on something big

Time to yourself

A day off from everything!


Hobby tools

New Pretty Journal and colored pens or pencils


Be sure to share anything you have added to your list that is not here!

Next week:

BRING all of your time saving ideas: Food/diet, activity, to make time for more self care!


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