Let’s Focus on Our Strengths to be successful Weekly Summary

What if you Focused on what you are good at?

Mantra of AOYS Support Groups

I am Enough Who I am is Enough. What I do is Enough and What I have is Enough

I want to start by saying I am honored to be a part of Our Support Groups and you all are truly the best.  Your Strengths show how much you care and support others.  Our Support Groups this week proved to me that my dream is coming true.  Groups that feel safe and supported and can talk about how they feel.  😊 Thank you.


This week was all about you and your Strengths. 

We seem to be programmed to focus on our weaknesses, our failures, what we are not good at.  

But to be successful we need to change those thoughts (reframe them)  if you will how we think and realize how what we are good at and how it can help us create a healthy lifestyle.  

One thing I think we all need to stop doing is setting ourselves up for failure.  While we should be able to eat anything we want in all honestly we may not be able to bring all of our temptations into our homes.  Planning to exercise at 500 am for an hour every morning when you have not woken up before 8 am for years. 

SO let’s get to work.

 What are your strengths? What are you good at? 

What do you struggle with? How can you use those strengths to help you?  

There were so many from Empathy to Creativity. From Planner to organized.

When we focus on what we are NOT good at and figure out why we are NOT good at it, it is usually because we are trying to do I something that does not WORK with our PERSONALITIES!   What if you worked at figuring out who we are and how to make our healthy lifestyles work within what we are good at?????

I AM…….

I am statements have been around  forever…

This  is different this is I am statements in the MOMENT.

On the floor doing yoga?  I am a Yogi

Cook a good healthy meal?  I am a healthy eater

Bringing the groceries in the house? I am strong

You get it!  Recognize and use I am…..

You all are AMAZING and We are Proud to be a part of your healthy journey.


Progress NOT Perfection

Paris, Marlene and Sally






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