Stock your Kitchen for Success Summary

Week 3 of our Healthy support groups

Stock your kitchen for Success

I was so excited to be in our groups this week because I knew they would all be different.  They did not disappoint.  I wanted to hit the grocery store after every group. .  You all are amazing!  Thank you for all the great input.

                                           “I am choosing to eat healthy now” 

Just a little info. 

People who stock and prep their kitchens with good, clean healthy foods are 85% more successful than people who don’t.  We know we will eat what we have so having the right foods in our kitchens will make a difference.  Knowing your limits and not buying challenging foods may be the key to success.  When you are purchasing foods just because they are low calorie or a healthy choice but you are overeating them they are not helping you create the healthy lifestyle you are after.  

Here’s some of the ideas we heard this week!  Want to hear them all Join US!

 Soup stock • Canned beans, veggies,  whole grain pastas, Rice, quinoa, couscous

Tuna packs • Canned Chicken * Salmon packs

Olive oil • Nut butters • Nuts • Peanut Butter 

Popcorn • LaFavorita chips, pop chips TJ min crackers,

  *Red Rose Teas,  Oatmeal, Grits, Cheerios, Barley 

Canned  whole/chopped tomatoes,  -Progresso lite soups, fruit in water *Spaghetti sauces, Pesto 

 dried onions * Soup stock • sun dried tomatoes 

, sugar free fruit cocktail -spices assorted Vinegar, pouches of Velveeta 

 *panko crumbs, Salsas, Diced Chilis, refried beans, tortillas taco shells, tostada shells 

Gravy mixes, taco seasoning,



 Light Mayo (Best, Kroger) • Eggs • Pickles • Greek yogurt (Icelandic)

Light Sour cream • Street tacos • Extra Sharp cheese • Reduced Fat Shredded

Goat, laughing, jarlsburg, light string cheese • Deli meat • Turkey sticks

-mustards Salad dressings balsamic, Newman’s Sesame Ginger

buffalo sauce yellow mustard, dill, sweet relish, low sodium soy

pickles,, yogurt, cilantro avocado dressing, sriracha sauce

Balsamic Fig dressings Trader Joe’s salad dressings 



Kroger 2% Mexican, Sharp Cheddars, Parmesan, Sharp smoked  Provolones. 

-Sargento thin sliced 

Cabot 50% cheddar (safeway)

 Lucerne shredded reduced fat cheddar, Mexican, mozzarella, havarti, pepper Jack

Boarshead Horseradish Thin

Trader joes FF Feta,

Blue cheese crumbles, Laughing cow cheeses, cream cheeses



Chicken breast • Shrimp • Individual wrap meats (Butcher Box) 

veggies: onion, corn, mixed • Perogies • Egg rolls, wontons, • Dairy Queen fudge bars

Alexis Yukon potatoes • Spirals • cauliflower rice • Pound packages ground beef

Burritos • Lean Cuisine White Cheddar mac n cheese

Chicken Breast, burritos, TJ’s frozen rice, frozen veggies, Bavarian bakery rolls, Lean 

Cuisines, pork, fish ground turkey, prep ahead meals, Stinking Good green chili, ground 

Beef, sliced ham, separate out things and then freeze, mini chicken won-tons, TJ’s 

burgers-chicken chili lime, mahi mahi, salmon, shrimp, frozen shrimp, Tyson grilled

 chicken strips, small ice cream cups, frozen grapes, Dove dark chocolate mini’s, sugar 

free fudgsicle, TJ hold the cone


5~4~3~2~1 Grounding Technique

5: Start with a deep belly breath now Look around for 5 things that you can see 

4: Keep breathing, Feel pay attention to your body what are you feeling can you feel the hair on your neck, 

3. Now close your eyes : Listen: what do you hear?  Sounds outside….. maybe the sound of your breath going in and out? 

2: Smell: can you smell 2 things: food cooking, clean hair, your lotion? 

1: Taste: what are you tasting right now?  Maybe toothpaste or coffee? 

Let’s take another deep belly breath and release. Let go of all the stress of the day.  Use this whenever you need a moment.  It works amazing before bed. 

Reminder: Book Of The Month

Book of the month 

Atomic Habits 

January’s book of the month is not required, just recommended even if you have read it before. I am adding the workbook and summary as references too!!!!  


Atomic Habits Book


Atomic Habits Summary


Atomic Habits work book



P is for Protein!!! 

We will learn about Why? How Much? When?  And How?


AS Always Thank you 🙏🏻

I love these groups.

Not a member yet?

We have room for you in February!

Coach Paris



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